Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Battle of Anzio: The Beachhead Museum

Rome is a real trendy destination in Italy. It is one of the best cities in the world, with lots of  so fashionable things to see. You could visit the Colosseum, the ancient Rome’s amphitheatre, or the Vatican or the Trevi fountain. These are just some among the most famous and I’m sure you are already familiar with them. If you could stay there for a month you certainly couldn’t see all its magnificence. 

But I’m here to show you alternative and still interesting places to visit.
So, if you are based in Rome during a Tour in Italy you could visit the Anzio Beachhead Museum.

Anzio is a town, about 55 km south of Rome where in 1944 Allies landed to save Italy and Europe from Nazism and Fascism .
There several British and American soldiers lost their lives to restore freedom in a really obscure era of Europe’s history.
The Anzio Beachhead Museum has been opened by volunteers  in 1994, on the 50th anniversary of  the landing. It is located near the centre of the town in a historic building named “Villa Adele”. The easiest way to reach it from Rome is by train.

The museum is not so large, but it is really well planned. It takes you on a trip back to WWII time. In its room you can observe an impressive collection of documents, plans and pictures taken during the landing. Really interesting are the personal histories of the soldiers and the items employed  by troops in their daily life. This, most of all, help you to understand the cruelty of war.  Don’t forget to take a look to the uniforms, flags and ensigns.
During your visit you can watch a brief film about the landing too. 
In Anzio are located two Commonwealth cemeteries with more than 3000 allied soldiers buried there. Don't forget to leave a prayer for them!


Visits are available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from  10.30  till  12.30 in the morning , while in the afternoon from 16.00 till 18.00.
The visit is totally free.  

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The Museum is located in Anzio, via di Villa Adele. 
Website for further information: http://www.sbarcodianzio.it   The website is available in English.


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