Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Leonardo’s Museum: Discovering da Vinci's inventions

Leonardo Da Vinci can be considered the world’s greatest genius for art and science. He not only created some of the most beautiful paintings of Renaissance, but he had an extraordinary scientific competence too.  His masterpieces are: “Last Supper” conserved in Milan and "La Gioconda" (Mona Lisa) located in Paris. His great mind gave birth to lots of  inventions we use in our lifes, such as the parachute, transmission gear box, centrifugal pump, the submarine, the telescope and much, much more. He studied carefully the anatomy of human body, the flow of water, the flight of birds and the wind. A great Genius like him should be discovered really carefully. I suggest a visit to Leonardo’s museum  (museo Leonardiano) in Vinci, his birthplace, while you are taking a tour in Italy.

Vinci is just 30km far from Florence. It is the typical Tuscan Village, that is a little medieval village, really beautiful, with a wonderful view on the valley all around. Here, in the old castle of the town, you can visit Leonardo’s Museum .
The museum describes  Leonardo’s ability both as inventor and as engineer with a great exhibition of  models reconstructed according to his drawings. The most important pieces exposed are the flying machines, the tanks and the water cannon.
Very attractive are the drawings themselves and  manuscript notes.
Just 4 km Northern from Vinci you can visit the home where Leonardo was born and lived his first years. 


Visits are available daily from 9.30  till  18.00 in winter, while in summer till 19.00
€ 7.00  full price
€ 5.00 for groups with more than 15 people  
Free for 6 years old and younger
The visit to his birth house is free.

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The Museum is located in Vinci, near Florence
Website for further information:   The website will be soon available in English


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