Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ferrari Museum in Maranello

More than 70 years ago a race-car driver, Enzo Ferrari, decided to build his own sport car. He made such a great job, mixing together perfectly technology and handicraft that he created an authentic myth, more than a simple sport car. Today this myth is totally preserved  in “Galleria Ferrari”, the Ferrari Museum opened  in 1990 in Maranello, near Bologna  Every man in the world knows its logo, the prancing horse (Cavallino Rampante), and  it has become a world’s status symbol. If you are scheduling  a Tour in Italy and you care not a lot about antiquities you should visit this real interesting place.

The museum is located in the small town of Maranello, near Ferrrari’s factory.
Maranello is a really nice small town. It can be considered  the world motoring Mecca that attracts every year thousands of visitors but at the same time it is a nice place where you can spend some of your time and it has many cute little restaurants where you can consume the typical Italian cuisine. 

The Museum features some of the most significant cars ever built by Ferrari, the history of its great drivers and the trophies won in more than 60 years of history by the famous Italian sport car factory.
Here are present a great number of racing and sport cars from first years since nowadays. A special treatment is dedicated to the Formule1 history, especially Schumacher’s era
Don’t miss even  the exceptional engines built by Ferrari and the technological solutions adopted in the past years.
Some of the Galleria is dedicated to the man who created this Legend, and his life is narrated accurately.
The Museum is constantly improved thanks to the loans of customers and collectors.
It is available a beautiful shop too. There you can buy nice gifts signed Ferrari, and beautiful photo books. 


Visits are available daily from 9.30  till  18.00
€ 13.00  full price
€ 09.00 for families
€11.00 for children and over 65  

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The Museum is located in Maranello, near Ferrari’s factory.
The Address is:  Via Dino Ferrari 43, 41053 Maranello (MO) Italy
Website for further information:  http://www.ferrari.com/   The website is available even in English , and you can buy tickets online


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